Today is day one of my official training session and how did I figure this out… RESEARCH! I asked several runners what training programs they have tried in the past and 90 percent of them suggested a Hal Higdon method. I also did a lot of research on which of his methods to actually do and I am going with Advanced 1. Now, I DO NOT consider myself an advanced runner, however I feel like I can handle it and I want to improve so I think this is a good way.  However, if I begin and start to feel a bit overwhelmed I will simply move programs. I am not going to worry about it… I am going to simply go for it! Chad will be on this same path for his half marathon. We will do it together. I am sure people would probably suggest a lighter program for me on my first full marathon. I also remember when people told me I could not work up to a half marathon in 2 months, and did I ever prove them wrong. I am going in with the same attitude… “I can do all things through HIM who strengthens me.” Do I suggest it, I do not know. But at the end I will let you know! Ha

First run was only three miles so I wanted to do it fast. I had to run it at the gym because of the rain… BOO! But we need the rain so I was good with it!  I ran it in a 8.40 pace average which is fast for me! When I run with a group of girls in the morning sometimes I feel slow and most times get a little discouraged, but then I remember where I started. Before my half marathon I thought a 9.50 pace was impossible. I ran my half at an 11.00 average pace, so honestly… I have come a LONG way! That is what I would tell anyone who is starting to run… always remember your improvements. They may be minor, you might have increased your distance by a half mile, but they are IMPROVEMENTS! This is what your focus should be on.

I purchased new running shoes over the weekend and I am not 100 percent certain on them. Previously I was having ankle issues until I was advised by a sales associate to buy a specific Asics and *poof*… no more ankle pain. I wanted to try Brooks though because I heard they were lighter, and they are; however instantly I have my ankle pain back so I do not think they are going to work, but I will give them a couple more tries.  Shoes are so important when you are planning to run. Make sure you do some research about your stride and which shoe matches your foot and the way you run. My suggestion would be to go to an actual running store and get fitted! It could save you from pain and serious injury! I learned this the hard way.

The run went well though, and I felt good. I have been off for several days after a lot of miles the last few months so my soreness has seamed to fade. I am excited to get back out on the open run tomorrow morning! Ready for some fresh air!

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