“THE HILLS” – In my training and in life!

I am reaching the end of my first week of training and overall I think it went well. Thursday I had such and awesome  run. It was hill training and the goal was to run 2.5 miles to a hill and then sprint the hill 3 times and run another 2.5.  I was dreading it because I thought my legs would be dead from the total 15 miles I had already ran that week, but actually I felt pretty good. Chad dropped me off exactly 2.5 miles from the hill and I ran down town, it was a beautiful evening, you could not ask for better weather. It was just beautiful and I felt calm. I decided not to look at my watch the entire run, but instead just run. I went back to how I use to run when I first started and instead of worrying about time, I turned my music up, and just glided. When I got to the hill the sun was setting and I just had such an awesome feeling, like GOD was right there with me to cheer me on. At one point I got to the top of the hill and just closed my eyes and thanked the Lord for this awesome moment he had given me. I time for me and Him to just be together. It was amazing. When I got down sprinting the hills I ran back downtown another 2.5 and man did I feel strong. This is why I would suggest hill training, after you spring up a hill a few times, it makes running a mile on flat ground that much easier. I promise it works. It has improved my time greatly since I started doing it.

As far as my calories I think I am on a better track. I have increased by about 300 calories (about 60 % protein and the rest good carbs). I got some information on the web on exactly how many calories you need when you are training from several websites just to kind of give me something to go by. One website I found that was helpful was http://running.about.com/od/nutritionforrunners.  There are TONS of sites out there though so my advice, and again I am no expert, is to just try things out and experiment a little to see what works best for you. It was hard the first couple of days to increase calories, because again my mind says diet diet diet, but it is getting easier. I feel like I am eating all the time, but at least I am choosing good foods; fruits, veggies, I eat lots of home made hummus with organic crackers or carrots and celery. I eat a lot of Greek Yoguart with fruit, nuts, blueberries, and homemade granola. I am going to make a lot of quinoa recipes next week so I will post the ones that I decide I like.   The only bread I eat is ezekial bread and I also eat whole wheat tortillas.  My body is not where I want it to be. My legs are, but of course my tummy is not and I wish I had better arms, but I am really not going to focus on that during training because I can’t. I will do another AdvoCare challenge right after the race and focus on those areas, but right now, I am eating to perform. I can feel my abs tightening every run, so I am curious to see what my body will be like after training is over. I did take before pics to compare we can all see what training for a marathon does for your body!

Now for the “hills” of my life, the crazy hills that I deal with everyday. A lot of people have emailed me about how I find time, and how do I make it work and I will let you in on a little secret…. It is not easy. Nothing ever worth doing seems to be easy, but in the end it makes it that much more rewarding when you accomplish your goal. My life is a hill, it has its ups and downs, but just like positive outcome I get when I actually run that hill, I also get something out good out of every up in my life and even every down. You learn from every experience. This week was tough, I put in about 5 more hours of running than I usually do, so of course things suffer. The house work suffers, the laundry suffers, and I constantly feel like there is not enough hours in the day. I got through it because I have an AMAZING hubby who supports me 100 percent in my decision to do this. We do this as a team. You have to have that in your life, a positive support system. People in your life that will tell you to get your butt out there and run because they know it makes you happy.

I also learn from the down side of the hill, I realize I cannot do this training in the evenings like I have been, it takes too much time away. I have to get my butt out of bed before my kids and hubby wake up so I do not take time away from them. I have to not be selfish and let my running effect the precious time we have together. So tomorrow morning I am getting up at 5 a.m. to run my 10 miles, and then I am going to enjoy the rest of the day with my kids and my hubby. This will not only make me happier, it will make my whole family happy. I have just got out of the habit of getting up early and I just need to get back into it! So this is my goal for next weeks training.

Finally, do not have FEAR. Fear is not put there by God, and can break you down and cause you to fail. Started this blog was hard and I still worry about judgement and ridicule but then I realize, who cares, I enjoy doing it, and we enjoy doing something and it brings positive things and people into our lives, than we should just do it. I have received so many emails and messages from some great people, and that brings such joy. Do not have fear about running, swimming, biking, whatever it is you want to do. Just do it. It is that simple. Take that next step! Do not overcomplicate life!

This is where I found the BEST hummus recipes, and also some easy granola recipe you can make with kids! They LOVE IT!



Thanks for reading everyone! RUN ON!





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