CRITICS! The good and the bad.

Week 4 is here and I the plan is to get in over 40 miles total this week and I am pretty pumped, or at least I am trying to be.  The weather is awesome this week so I am hoping to run both morning and evenings just to get in some extra miles here and there. Again, I am not following my training to the exact mile, but I am combining the Hal training, a friend’s training process, and just doing what feels good. My goal is to run the event, not win it. Week three ended great and I am feeling pretty good about where I am at. I feel if I keep going at this pace I will be able to complete a 26.2 mile course by October.

I want to stop and talk about the critical people in life, because I am sure we all deal with this and it is a hard subject and one that effects me more than I would like. I recently went to the pool for the first time with the kiddos, and for the first time in 2 years I wore a two piece swimsuit. For all you mothers out there you probably know this is hard to do and you are constantly worried that you might not look the best because of stretch marks and imperfections that our little miracles might have caused. I felt like I had worked really hard though and I wanted to feel confident with myself enough to do this so I went for it! I actually felt pretty good while I was there and my husband also made a very positive comment when I got home about the way I looked, so by the end of the day I felt like I had made a good decision and felt confident.  However, the next day I found out from a friend that someone I knew, who I considered a “friend” was talking down about the way I looked in my swimsuit. It hit me hard and not only was I just completely hurt, but also just really down about my body image. I let it get to me for several days after, and I am not sure if I will continue to wear the suit and that alone makes me very sad. It is crazy that people are so critical, that say things so hurtful, that people can steal your sunshine in an instant.  My husband keeps saying to not let it get to me, but it is so hard. Unfortunately if you put yourself out there, you are always going to have people that do not accept you. I am sure there are people out there that make fun of this blog, of my posts, my pictures, my stories and I can say it does not get to me, but it does. Is it going to stop me? No.

So as I wrote about the negative let me cancel it out with a positive, I have received a TON of positive feedback and I am so grateful for that and that is what I continue to focus on. I will continue to give positive feedback to all my friends and anyone out there wanting or trying to make a change, trying something new, or just putting themselves out there. Life is so short, why not encourage as many people out there as we can? Why must the world be so cruel, I have no idea? I do know that we can change it one positive comment at a time.

Now that i am finished with that let me say how excited I am for the rest of the week! I am running a 5k race with my hubby on Saturday for the 4th of July and I am so pumped! He is my biggest supporter and has just been there for me 100 percent and I love sharing this all with him.  I plan to run 10 miles early before just to get in more miles so I am for sure not planning to run my personal best during the race. I am just doing it for fun. I feel like I have to run for fun some of the time and not be so focused on time and distance. I feel like I would get way too burned out if I did not.

I will post some new recipes and pics of my runs this week and also report on how my race went. Again thank you for all the support and just remember to stay positive, no matter what!


Run on!


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