Today is day one of my official training session and how did I figure this out… RESEARCH! I asked several runners what training programs they have tried in the past and 90 percent of them suggested a Hal Higdon method. I also did a lot of research on which of his methods to actually do and I am going with Advanced 1. Now, I DO NOT consider myself an advanced runner, however I feel like I can handle it and I want to improve so I think this is a good way.  However, if I begin and start to feel a bit overwhelmed I will simply move programs. I am not going to worry about it… I am going to simply go for it! Chad will be on this same path for his half marathon. We will do it together. I am sure people would probably suggest a lighter program for me on my first full marathon. I also remember when people told me I could not work up to a half marathon in 2 months, and did I ever prove them wrong. I am going in with the same attitude… “I can do all things through HIM who strengthens me.” Do I suggest it, I do not know. But at the end I will let you know! Ha

First run was only three miles so I wanted to do it fast. I had to run it at the gym because of the rain… BOO! But we need the rain so I was good with it!  I ran it in a 8.40 pace average which is fast for me! When I run with a group of girls in the morning sometimes I feel slow and most times get a little discouraged, but then I remember where I started. Before my half marathon I thought a 9.50 pace was impossible. I ran my half at an 11.00 average pace, so honestly… I have come a LONG way! That is what I would tell anyone who is starting to run… always remember your improvements. They may be minor, you might have increased your distance by a half mile, but they are IMPROVEMENTS! This is what your focus should be on.

I purchased new running shoes over the weekend and I am not 100 percent certain on them. Previously I was having ankle issues until I was advised by a sales associate to buy a specific Asics and *poof*… no more ankle pain. I wanted to try Brooks though because I heard they were lighter, and they are; however instantly I have my ankle pain back so I do not think they are going to work, but I will give them a couple more tries.  Shoes are so important when you are planning to run. Make sure you do some research about your stride and which shoe matches your foot and the way you run. My suggestion would be to go to an actual running store and get fitted! It could save you from pain and serious injury! I learned this the hard way.

The run went well though, and I felt good. I have been off for several days after a lot of miles the last few months so my soreness has seamed to fade. I am excited to get back out on the open run tomorrow morning! Ready for some fresh air!

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“THE BEGINNING” – Where it started and what are my goals! Why blog?

I will never forget it… I was sitting down after finally getting all my kids to sleep for their naps when I just began to cry hysterically, I was so exhausted and the day was not even half over and I just felt like instead of being 32 years old I was 90! I was 30 pounds over weight from baby number 3 and I felt as though there was no light at the end of the tunnel. I had been trying to lift weights and do some cardio here and there but I felt like I was getting nowhere, not to mention I did not enjoy lifting weights one bit.  Please do not take this to mean I have something against weight lifting, or I think it is a waste of time. I think it is excellent for you if you do it right and consistently, I was not doing either at the time. I do now work in weight lifting into my running routine which I am sure I will cover in another post!

At that point  of what I would call a breakdown, I knew something had to change. I had previously lost a lot of weight after baby number two and I began to ask myself how I accomplished this and the one thing that came to my mind… AdvoCare.  Now this blog is not dedicated to my life in AdvoCare, but It will be mentioned a lot throughout my blog because it is a big part of my life. It is a company that is dedicated to making people healthier and happier and it has done this for me twice in my life, so I am PROOF that it works. If you would like more information please email me. So it began, I started a 24-day challenge with AdvoCare and took a stance against my weight issue and my overall bad health and I never looked back!

One day during my challenge a group of girls asked me to go running with them. I knew that they were in WAY better shape than I was, I also knew that I probably would die, but I also knew that I wanted to make a lifestyle change and that would not happen if I did not get out of my comfort zone. I said yes to the challenge. That was the morning I realized my love for running. They took me a little over 3 miles and I huffed and puffed the whole way, but at the end of it I had this feeling, one I had not felt in a long time, a feeling of personal accomplishment!

Parenting is one of the most amazing things and I love being a mommy, but it is so easy to lose your personal “self” during the process. You are focused on other people all day every day.  Running gave me “me” back, and I began to not only feel like a mommy, but also a person again.  I started running more and more and begin to see not only a huge change in my body, but also a big change with my attitude. My husband noticed this huge change and was so happy to see the “Kim” he once knew. I smiled more, I laughed more, I enjoyed life more because I remembered what it was like to be a person.  I feel that running has made me a better wife, mother, and a better individual as a whole.  I have become closer to God as I have devoted my running to HIM. I wake up earlier and have more time for prayer because I have found this new energy. I can wake up at 5 a.m. to run, and still be awake at 8 p.m. to put the kids to bed! It has been so good for me and my family.

So here I am. I have run my first half marathon, slowly but I ran it. I have improved over the last 2 months and now it is time to start my official training and I have decided to blog about it for a couple of reasons:

1) I have gotten so many amazing people contacting me wanting to know how I got started, what my training strategies are, how I went from 1 mile to 13.1 miles and for many other reasons.  Truth is… I have no idea! I am not an expert AT ALL! I just did it. I didn’t do it fast, I didn’t run it in record time, but yes, I did it and now I want to help others do it too!   If I can accomplish this, than ANYONE CAN! So this time around I want to record every run and hopefully help others who feel like they have no idea what they are doing, feel confident enough to “just do it”! Whether you want to run 1 mile without stopping or run a full marathon, you can do it if you believe you can!

2) I want to one day show my kids this blog. I want them to know they can do anything they set their mind to and I hope this blog will inspire them in some way.

3) I think writing about things is therapeutic!  Even if no one reads it, I still can take comfort in just getting every bad and good run off my chest and file it away!

I promise one thing for sure… I will be completely honest. I will record as much as I can about every run along with diet information and things I find helpful. Remember, I am doing this on my own one day at a time and I am no expert. So I will fail from time to time, but I will run those 26.2 miles one way or another.

remember… you can “Do all things through Him”!